A brief artist profil


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once it grows up.




Since my youngest childhood, I have been fascinated by painting and my way into art was preset. At early age, I took part in smaller art competitions and one of my drawings has become the figurehead for the parents association.





After a long time career in Human Resources, I stepped into self-employment in 2012. Initially with an exhibition in a café I quickly got the opportunity to present my animal pictures at the Zurich Zoo. This was followed by exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and in Italy.


Because of my uncle and my grandfather, both painters, talent was given to me as a gift in my cradle. The paintings by the Swiss painter Fritz Hug fascinated me again and again. My own passion for animals led me to animal painting. First in the form of quick sketches whenever time allowed to, later project the snapshots of the sketches into a harmonious image on canvas.


Due to the uniqueness of my uncle I was encouraged to devote myself to another side of the art. I began to paint contemporary paintings as a reminiscence of foreign country sides. The contemporary pictures shine through their great need of harmony. Thus, shades of gold alternate with shades of brown, sometimes fading into blue, but remain true to the basic concept of natural tones.


Thus, the contemporary images also harmonize wonderfully with the wildlife images as they are kept tone in tone.