barekunst; Zurich; Switzerland

My paintings paired with the coolest Tapasbar in town 


Exhibition: July 8th  - August 27th 2016

Galerie Hadorn; Lichtensteig; Switzerland

Exhibition in the lovely Toggenburg in the Galerie Hadorn, Lichtensteig.


Exhibition: May 6th - June 4th 2016


Opening: May 6th 2016, 4.00 -7.00 pm

Closing event: June 4th 2016, 4.00 - 6.00 pm

Galerie Atelier 35; Landstuhl; Germany

Holiday Artists Showcase


Exhibition: December 21th 2015 - January 16th 2016

Galerie Atelier 35; Landstuhl; Germany

My exhibition in the Galerie Atelier 35


Exhibition: October 30th - Dezember 11th 2015

ArtWalk; Bremgarten; Switzerland

Exhibition ArtWalk in Bremgarten 


Exhibition: August 26th - September 26th


Opening: August 29th 


Achtzig Galerie; Berlin Mitte; Germany

Exhibition Achtzig Galerie für Zeitgenössiche Kunst in Berlin Mitte


Exhibition: September 12th - October 8th 2014


Opening: September 12th 2014, 7.00 pm